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Tuesday, March 16, 2010
F1: Räikkönen in sights of Red Bull
The end of the season of the F1 gets closer with large steps. During this season, enthusiasts of online betting were spoiled by the results of F1 races. At the moment, it is the opportunity for the race stables to review the pilot or the drivers who will race under their color, during the next coming season. The case of Kimi Räikkönen, whose contract at Lotus comes to its end, shows well this silent struggle between the stables and which is occurring outside the racetracks.
In fact, everything is not official yet, because in this environment, rumors are par for the course. As Mark Webber will leave Red Bull at the end of this season, it is then normal if a large number of observers are immediately thinking that Räikkönen would be the best placed to take the vacant place. By the confession of Eric Boullier on the official website of F1, the boss of Lotus, Red Bull has already gone on the attack by doing everything, so that he will be within their fold. The latter is a favorite driver of websites of sport betting.

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